Thank you to the following 2024 volunteers

Our sincere thanks to the radio amateurs who contributed to the success of this endeavor. Whether your assistance was large or small - there is no way we could do it without you!
Aiden Waterman
Barry Brousseau VE3SLD
Bob Housser VE3SFW
Dale Butt VE3IOU
Doug Behl VE3XDB
Gordon Hayward VE3EOS
Greg St Louis VE3ISL
Kathryn Waterman
Jeremiah Nahwegahbow VE3EJN
Joe Campagnolo VE3JVC
Laura Winger VA3LDW
Linda Wills VE3CZ
Mark Waterman
Mike Willis VE3FE
Neil Jeffrey VE3NJE
Nick Waterman VA3NNW
Patrick Mikolajczak VE3PMM
Peter Bon VA3PTB
Sorin Dobrinescu VA3TTJ
Steve Haiser VE3HZR
Steve Jamieson VA3ZXN
Zeba Naqvi VE3ZEO

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