Thank you to the following 2016 volunteers

Our sincere thanks to the radio amateurs who contributed to the success of this endeavor. Whether your assistance was large or small - there is no way we could do it without you!

Nick VA3NNW, KWARC, Registrar, Wes VE3ML, GARC, Co-Chair Ben VE3ST, KWARC Co-Chair

Tracey (Studying)
Robert (Studying)
Doug Gartley
Kathryn Waterman
Mark Waterman
Aiden Waterman
VA3DLT Dennis Tabbert
VA3DMW David Bennett
VA3GWM Gord McLean
VA3NNW Nick Waterman
VA3PTB Peter Bon
VA3QB Bill Reid
VE3CUR Rob Currie
VE3EOS Gord Hayward
VE3INM Ian Mason
VE3JVC Joe Campagnolo
VE3JVG Jason Goulding
VE3KCY Ken Buehler
VE3LGN Larry Gorman
VE3PSV Shawn Gartley
VE3PVB Paul Birke
VE3ML Wes Snarr
VE3MTQ Scott Mooney
VE3PMT/WN4F Dave Knight
VE3ST Ben Sasiela
VE3WBE Ron Webb
VE3SLD Barry Brousseau
VE3SFW Bob Housser
VE3XTM Terry Maurice
VE3ZUP Richard Goetze

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