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Talk-In facilities play an important role in the Hamfest. While the Waterloo Regional Police Association Park is very easy to find, the committee makes it very simple for everyone to navigate the area.

For our main talk-in frequency, listen to the VE3KSR repeater on 146.970 (CTCSS 131.8).

We suggest you start to listen on KSR for main route directions as soon as you pass Woodstock Exit 238 while East bound, and Guelph Exit 295 while Westbound.  No doubt within a few minutes you will hear directions for someone just ahead or behind you thus minimizing radio traffic.

Once you are within range, listen to the VE3KSR repeater, which will be used to bring people off the 401 and into the grounds. Since directions will be repeated every couple of minutes on VE3KSR, you are encouraged not to call on KSR for directions unless you are lost.

Click here for a printable map

See also: Provincial Notices to Motorists and the Waterloo Regional map

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